Children of Lumera – A 2D Fantasy Story Adventure

Children of Lumera combines the emotional symbiosis of a classical children´s book with an adventure videogame, with a mood of „the NeverEnding story“ and a feeling of Tolkien´s „The Hobbit“. (?)

To be deprived of one’s dreams is always a horrible prospect, but it’s all the more terrible when one’s dreams have the power to create worlds.

Phantom Fox has created a huge universe, with its own history and different cultures whose characters, stories and destinies are interwoven and will be told in several game episodes and printed books. The game itself will be shown as a world full of unbelievable wonders, audiovisual riddles, fantastical stories and lots of interactivity.

Children of Lumera - Screenshot

Children of Lumera

Set in a world where all life was created with the Alvenkinds power of dreaming, a young girl named Elo Bryghtfire has been given the task of finding a cure for Oblivion.

The teaser tells the story of a young boy named Grimgol of the Alven Children and how he shifted the balance of dreams and brought about the demise of the Alvenkind and Lumera.


The Story of Children of Lumera

Thousand years after banishing Grimgol to Mokra Dur, the Mountain of Oblivion, nothing was left but ruins in the sand, lost to the ravages of time – just like most memories of the Alven children. But in some places the magic of dreams had endured and is now just waiting to be found. One of these places is the sheltered forest village Slumber Deep, at the foot of the Cauldron Mountains, surrounded by the enchanted Ardon Woods.

Our story starts on the Day of Renewal, when little girl Elo Bryghtfire must follow in her grandfather’s footsteps to complete an ancient ritual. By the end of the day fate will have turned against the villagers, as invading dream-eaters casts the lovely village into a dark fog and steals the villagers’ hopes and dreams. Aided by a little yokai creature called Biz, Elo escapes to the Negeb desert, from which she sets out on a marvellous but dangerous quest to save the art of dreaming.

Children of Lumera - Gameplay

Children of Lumera Gameplay

Like Night in the Woods and Oxenfree, this game is a modern 2D adventure that focuses on emotional gameplay and story-driven presentation.

The universe of Children of Lumera is complex and immersive. At every corner and behind every stone there could be incredible stories, magical artefacts, sensory puzzles or even songs. And here the desire to explore is really rewarded: the more curious the player is, the deeper the experience of the universe will become. The gameplay is strongly driven by revealing the secrets of the ancient Alvenkind, interacting with the beautiful illustrated environment, characters and objects.

While you wait, you can follow the game’s progress by visiting the official website for more information or follow their development journey on the social media platforms.

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