City of Brass is an Arabian-themed roguelike from BioShock developers

Play as a scimitar-and-whip-wielding thief seeking treasure in City of Brass, an Arabian Nights-inspired first-person roguelike from ex-Irrational staffers.

There’s a city in the sands with the ‘wealth of a nation’, the City of Brass, as it’s called. And you’re a thief. Watch what happens:

That’s right, surprise! You’re in the city and now you’re going to go get that treasure for yourself!

City of Brass, announced today, is a first-person roguelike from the creators of such games as BioShock and XCOM. Operating as Uppercut Games out of Canberra, Australia, they’re working on this relatively fresh take on roguelikes.

It’s got a theme that’s purportedly Arabian, but actually appears to be in the territory of Arabia-Persia-India-and-other-assorted-nearby-places. As for gameplay, it seems to be a combination of taking out undead turbanned enemies while dealing with the many traps and obstacles the titular city throws at you.

Combat is built around the sword and the whip, the former being used to do damage and the latter being used to stun, disarm and trip enemies. Your objective in each level will be to get to the exit before the Sands of Time run out, all while collecting as much treasure as you can possible hold in your bottomless pockets.

Here’s a look at how the game actually plays:

As you can see, there’s genies with folded arms thrown into the mix as well. They will help you out with benefits and wishes (but no songs, sorry Aladdin), in return for your hard-earned loot. You can also make the game as hard as you like by imposing ‘Divine Burdens’, an idea that reminds me a lot of Bastion’s shrine building.

And of course, being a self-respecting roguelike, it’s got permadeath, so every outing into the city will be quite different from your last.

City of Brass is scheduled to release later this year on Steam (PC only). It will also release on PS4 and Xbox One next year.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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