At IND13 we always want to hear from new people, writers, games players, game developers… pretty much anyone with a keen interest of games. And we especially want to hear from you if you want to be a part of IND13 or have a game/story, that you would like us to look at.


Are you someone who doesn’t just play a game, but looks at it from various different angles. Are you someone who enjoys writing about what you are playing, and are looking for a platform in which to share your musings? Then get in touch with us, and let us see your work. We are always looking for new voices to work with.

New Games

Working with Indie developers to share their games is our raison d’être. We love seeing new games, playing new games, and writing about new games. We especially love it when we get to see all the hard work that developers and designers put into their passion pay off. If you are an indie developer and want us to share your story and/or review your game, please get in touch. After all, if you didn’t exist, neither would we.

Please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, and look forward to hopefully working with you.

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