Creaks is the next game from Amanita Design, the devs of Chuchel, Machinarium

Veteran indie studio Amanita Design has revealed its next game, due out in 2019. It’s titled Creaks, and it’s a departure from the studio’s usual genre.

Czech studio Amanita Design has a lengthy history to its credit, and it has announced yet another whimsical new adventure. This time however, the studio is moving away from its usual point-and-click genre and into allowing direct control over your character. According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Creaks is being developed by a new team under the veteran studio.

There’s little info to go on right now, but the studio has released a dashing trailer:

The game calls to mind an elaborate and gothic style that loosely reminds me of a previous work, Machinarium. It’s certainly a departure from their recent, more cartoony works Botanicula and Chuchel.

The game’s team is being led by artist and designer Radim Jurda, while Joe Acheson is responsible for the music, both of the game and the trailer above.

There’s no details on story – and that’s probably for the best, because Amanita Design’s games are best experienced than talked about. Still, the trailer description offers this scrap: “Meet your new neighbours in Creaks, coming to PC and consoles in 2019.”

No specific consoles have been announced at this point.

Amanita Design’s previous works include Machinarium, Botanicula, and Chuchel. The studio is also known for the surreal Samorost trilogy. You’ll find their complete list of games over at the official website, complete with store links and the like. Unlike Creaks, most of Amanita Design’s games have had a LucasArts-style point-and-click sensibility, and a bunch were made in ol’ Adobe Flash (only tru 90s kids will remember).

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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