Develop @ Brighton 2015

Being first time at the Develop conference in (almost) sunny Brighton UK at the Hilton Hotel and close to the beach, I honestly wasn’t for sure what to expect from the conference, well except it is for developers obviously. Over 1800 joined the 3 day conference this year, of which the last 2 days also contains the Develop Expo.

The line-up of speakers was quite something I have to say. I really appreciated the open keynote speech and honest shares by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer), Randy Pitchford (Gearbox Software), Neil Young (N3TWORK, DeNA, ngmoco:) ) and may more.

The first day was already quite packed with talks Neil Young with his Evolve Keynote about VR and AR and mobile. The essence of his message is: ‘Mobile is not dead and VR/AR is taking longer to be where we actually want it to be at the moment’.

Randy Pitchford’s (Gearbox Software) keynote speech ‘Why We Fight’ was inspiring, interesting and an entertaining speech as he also showed a magic card trick in front of the audience.

Highlights of Randy Pitchford’s Keynote Q&A:

Develop 2015 also interviewed Rami Ismail from Vlambeer about his keynote speech and the way they treat and educate their customers. Also interesting is how to deal with those less pleasant once and that developers need gamers, but not the other way around.

The talk and interview with Jennifer Schneidereit (Nyamam) about being Indie, traveling to conferences and talking about here game Tengami, which received Apple’s coveted Editor’s Choice Award. Jennifer looked at the 3 and a half years spent making Tengami and share Nyamyam’s key findings on topics such as how to stand out in the F2P dominated mobile world, working with the different platform holders and lessons learned from self-publishing on several platforms.

Mike Rose (tinyBuild Games) talked about ‘Keeping Ahead of the Video Marketing Curve’. Mike Rose talks about the importance of using ‘YouTubers’ and ‘Twitchers’ helping to promote your game. Very useful to watch and learn more on the YouTube the Develop channel.

VR Talks:
This time we had two ladies talking about there experience with there Indie VR games year.

Ana Ribeiro with Pixel Ripped also launched her Kickstarer during the conference. Support this great game. It is totally worth it as it is so different from most VR games I played so far.

Katie Goode from Triangular Pixels talked about her VR game Smash Hit Plunder and creating Rich Dynamic VR Gameplay. Definitely worth checking out the talk and her interview on the Develop channel as well.

London Studios talked about London Heist and how to load a gun in VR with two Move controllers and Atomhawk shared insights about iterations of the VR UI in the game CCP’s EVE Valkyrie. I met the Atomhawk guys on a party before there talk and I go to know that they also worked on movies such as Guardian of the Galaxy and games like The Order or Mortal Kombat X.

The winner of this years Indie showcase awards were Dan Da Rocha and Henry Hoffman with the game Hue. Congratulations to you guys!

I almost forgot to mention the Develop Awards run by Develop Magazine, with more than 170 companies in the room this year.

New Games IP – PC/ Console
Life is strange

New Games IP – Mobile
Plunder Pirates

Use of a Licence or IP
Alien: Isolation

Visual Arts
Lumio City

Audio Accomplishment
Alien: Isolation

Use of Narrative
Life is strange

Technology Provider
Oculus VR (aka Oculus Rift)

Design & Creativity Tool
Speedtree for Games

Production Tool

Unity 5


QA & Localisation

Creative Outsourcer – Visual & Development
Speech Graphics

Creative Outsourcer – Audio


Publishing Hero
Team 17

Micro Studio

Independent Studios
Space Ape Games

In-House Studio
Rockstar North

New Studio

Development Legend
Chris & Tim Stamper

Congratulations to the winners!

Also £1,987.50 where raised at last week’s awards ceremony in for GamesAid.

The Develop Awards will return in 2016. Keep your eyes open around March for word on how you can nominate yourself.

Btw, there is a Develop Live event coming up on the 7th of October at the world-famous Pinewood Studios. They give a glimpse into the crossover between game development and movie production.

This Article was written by: Richard

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