Door Kickers: Action Squad exits Early Access to bring ridiculous police tactics

After months of Early Access, Door Kickers: Action Squad has finally been released. Discover the (totally inaccurate) world of tactical intervention.

Door Kickers: Action Squad joins the hallowed territory of police tactics games, such as the SWAT series, and it has you bringing in bad guys to justice… not. In this pixel art-drenched, madly irreverent side-scroller, you’ll be shooting to kill. And of course, you’ll also be kicking down a lot of doors.

The game is now out of Early Access and ready to be played in its full, unbridled nature. Do note that if you played the game during its Early Access version, you will have the option of resetting your profile for the launch version. The developers stress that you should reset your profile, both to experience the game from scratch and to avoid any profile-based bugs and conflicts.

Like many other Early Access games, Door Kickers: Action Squad isn’t stopping at the launch version. More updates are planned for the future, including more missions, playable characters, game modes, mission types, workshop support, and even a mission editor. Someone’s going to use that mission editor just to make an obstacle course of as many doors as can fit, I just know it.

Have a look at the launch trailer for the game here:

Here’s what the game is about, according to the official Steam description:

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a crazy old school side-scroller action game that puts you in the role of a SWAT trooper and sends you to deal with the bad guys in Nowhere City USA.

Choose your gear, then kick the doors down and face the action. Adapt and react by the seat of your pants, and if needed – restart without a care and rethink. Master weapons recoil and time your reloads, use distance and cover to your advantage and use the in-game Strategic Abilities to decide for yourself when healthpacks or gear refills are needed, or if that team-mate of yours is worth saving. Or just save up the Points earned and unleash your Ultimate to waltz through that tricky final room.

And when it gets too hard, bring over a friend to help.

Door Kickers: Action Squad is available now, exclusively on PC via Steam. It is priced at $13.99. Check out the official website here. You’ll also find the game on Steam here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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