Droidcon 2015

IND13 attended this year’s Droidcon and enjoyed ourselves at the biggest Android event in Europe. The event took place at the hugely impressive Business Design Centre in Angel, Islington; think of a giant Victorian greenhouse merged with Earls Court and you can imagine what the space looks like. It’s an incredible building and an excellent space for any event.

For Droidcon 2015 the space was full huge brands and a host to many seminars, the majority of which focused on Android Development. The event felt like it was targeted at both aspiring and established developers. Sony, Google, Intel and Sky, were amongst many major brands in attendance.


Gaming was a welcome addition to the event, we went into the game zone and interacted with big names such as Google and Samsung. But there was also a group of awesome indie titles to play and take a look at. There was some great innovation on mobile and using VR.

Droidcon is certainly the biggest Android event in Europe and it was a real experience. We’ll be back next year where we expect even bigger and better things from incredible organisation team at Skillsmatter.

There was plenty to do and a lot to interact with. Here’s our top five attractions:

  • We spoke to stylish business card provider Moo about business cards with Microchips, where you can programme in information that can be picked up on mobile devices. Great for a clever press release: http://www.moo.com/uk/
  • We played Trashgames’ latest awesome title, a game using VR which has you working with friends to  navigate safely round a room. It was awesome and we think it can loosely be compared with the popular UK TV series Nightmare: www.trashgames.co.uk
  • We chatted with Rosie Coleman from SKillsmatter about future events her company is organising alongside Droidcon. Find out more here: https://skillsmatter.com

It was great fun and we look forward to seeing you at Droidcon 2016

This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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