Elite Dangerous is Finally Available Now

Good news for wannabe Space Cadets like me.

Elite Dangerous is finally available to buy since yesterday the 16th of December.

They have a nice Official Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer to get you into the mood (just in case you are excited yet).

For people who have an Oculus Dev Kit lying around the German Golem interview with David Braben might be of interest.

Video: Elite Dangerous mit Oculus Rift DK2 – Interview (GC 2014) (4:08)

Spencer Kelly of BBC Click tweeted his prediction of the 21st century problem of the Oculus hair style.

Oculus hair style

Also check out the audio interview I did with David Braben at the E3 and his background story. His indie view on Elite Dangerous and the Kickstarter campaign where here raised £1,578,316 are also quite interesting.



The Elite Dangerous universe has 400 billion star systems, each with multiple planets and different types, moons, and trillions of asteroids in fields and planetary rings.

So it is mostly unlikely that someone will see them all, unless you have no live and decades to spend playing this game. Also planned are add-ons were you can visit and land on planets in the future. Kind of reminds me of the feature we have seen in No Man’s Sky, another promising space game.

Also of interest for beginners is the Pilot’s Guide / Manual / Tutorial / Help for Elite Dangerous at Scribd.



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