FOVE VR Headset now on Kickstarter!

The wait is over.

FOVE, the world’s first eye tracking virtual reality headset, is now available for Pre-Order for a limited time on Kickstarter.

If you are fast enough, you can take advantage of the EARLIEST BIRD Reward: guaranteeing you up to a 30% discount on FOVE! This includes exclusive access to insider information about FOVE, as well as full access to their Developer Kit.

There’s something for everyone on their Kickstarter page: if you’d like to support their project, check out rewards starting at $5.

Pledges range from $5 to JOIN THE COMMUNITY; $375 for the FOVE VR Headset + development kit; to a whopping $7,500 to join the team in Tokyo, see their offices and check out their facilities in the tech heart of Japan; and plenty more. Be quick, though, as these are going fast.

How FOVE Works: Eye Tracking

FOVE enables eye-tracking by incorporating custom small form-factor infrared sensors inside the headset. These sensors bounce light off the retina to register how the eyes are angled. their unique algorithms can calculate the parallax between the eyes to track and measure depth-of-field focus.

One of the amazing uses of it, has been the Eye Play the Piano project. This is a collaborative project between the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged and FOVE. FOVE recognizes eye movement and blinks to trigger the selected chord, which is then conveyed to the piano.

This Article was written by: Lee Smith

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