Gamerzeino Issue Two is out now!

Gamerzeino, the worlds best independent magazine for all things gaming (so say us), is now on it’s second issue.

Packed full of features, interviews, previews, reviews and event roundups, this is the magazine that you are going to want to read. And guess what? It’s free. Yep that’s right, completely free for all you good, good people. Available as a digital download for you to read at your leisure.

Read the reviews for games such as Overwatch, Doom, Battleborn, Lovely Planet Arcade,  Uncharted 4 and Enter the Gungeon. There is an exclusive preview of Book of Demons.

There are amazing features, including exclusive interviews, on, The Final Station, Brigadier, Eagre Games, Lifeless, Slug Disco Studios, Pokemon Go and the NES Classic.

And not only that, but we also have event roundups from The Manila Majors and Comic Con London.

See, this is one magazine that you are not going to want to miss reading. so head on over to and have a look now.

This Article was written by: Lee Smith

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