Godhood will let you be as gods when it launches in Early Access this July

The developers of Reus and Renowned Explorers are returning with another god game, titled Godhood. You can get to playing it on PC and Mac this July.

Traditional god games like Populous and Black & White may have gone the way of the dinosaur, but Abbey Games is determined to bring them right back. Godhood is their next title, and it’s about as explicitly a game about being a god as you can get.

According to the Netherlands-based studio, Godhood will release on 10th July into Early Access, across Steam and GOG.com. It will be available for PC and Mac only.

There’s a gameplay trailer ready for the viewing here:

Here’s how Abbey Games describes it:

Create your own religion in the strategy god game Godhood. Select virtues and vices. Inspire construction of great temples, ready for rituals to be held in your honor. Guide and develop your faithful disciples in turn-based conflict to convert worshippers away from rival gods. Become the most powerful god of all!

Prospective gods in the mythical world of Godhood will soon learn that followers come with inconvenient free will and that control over their worshipers isn’t total. In a lush world, viewed in isometric perspective, where the number of followers equals power and rival gods will attempt to convert your flock, holding on to your worshippers is vital. To do this, players will send their most trusted disciples, strengthened by rituals, to battle their opponents in turn-based combat known as Sacraments.

Check out the official website of Godhood over here. You’ll also find the game here on Steam, along with Abbey Games’ previous games.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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