Gorytale drops adorable mayhem to Steam July 2019

Adorable first-person shooter Gorytale is being released on Steam at 19th July. Shooter mixes firepower, ridiculously sweet enemies, gore, cheesy one liners and metal music in one weird package.

Gorytale - Gun

In Gorytale, players play as an unnamed protagonist who was not the nicest guy in town. When death arrives, the protagonist is evaluated and then being sent to Hell, specially tailored for him, which turns out to be a sweet place inhabited by overly cute and friendly creatures who don’t really know and understand the concept of Evil.

Gorytale - Middle Finger

Game focuses on the contrast between the crude protagonist and sweet environment. Protagonist needs to keep away lovely creatures because their love is getting him mad. For example, it’s possible to shoot multi-barrelled shotguns, rifles, cannons, trumpets, throw toasters and flip-off enemies, while creatures just want to hug and shoot air kisses. Player can complete a cheesy story consisting of three scenarios or compete against others in raw arena action.

Gorytale is inspired by such classics as Serious Sam, Quake, Doom and Duke Nukem. If You think this might be a nice package for You – feel free to wishlist it on Steam.

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