GPU Tech Conference 2016 in Silicon Valley

I have to say, I am still recovering from GPU Tech Conference (GTC) last week from April 4 – 7 hosted by NVIDIA in San Jose.

GTC 2016 San Jose

The ‘recovering’ was not due to the jet lag, but due to all those really cool talks and exhibitions cramped into 4 days.

Well this was my first GTC in Silicon Valley and I have to say it blew my mind!

I expected gaming and VR, but there was so much more. This is partially a problem if you have so many interested like myself.


I just want to mention briefly the other things I saw at the conference.

So now that I got that out of my system, lets get started:

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang officially kicked off the GTC  on (April 5 at 9:00).
At Jen-Hsun keynote speech they had Steve Wozniak on a live video feed. He tested Mars 2030 and (possibly) VR at the first time. It was funny to see him comment on it while walking and driving a on a virtual Mars environment.
Keynote GTC 2016
Rob High, CTO of IBM Watson spoke on Wednesday (April 6 at 11:00).
Watch the recording here.
Gill Pratt, CEO of Toyota Research Institute gave his keynote speech on (April 7 at 11:00).
Watch the recording here.

Early Stage Challenge VR Showcases first time this year

New to ECS in 2016 is our “VR Showcase” event. The showcase is an opportunity for 8 teams using Virtual Reality to present their innovative work for a chance to win a $15,000.00 grand prize. Each team will pitch their idea on stage for 8 minutes, 5 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes for questions.

The startups where grilled my Jeff Herbst (NVIDIA, Vice President of Business Development) and Mark Reid (Co-Founder at Epic, Unreal Engine).

Mark Reid Unreal Engine

At the end of the event a winner will be selected by the judging panel and will receive the $15,000.




 transports real places 1:1 into Virtual Reality by utilizing large scale photogrammetry and the power of modern GPUs – offering unrivalled visual fidelity and unmatched performance for interactive, photorealistic VR experiences. Our technology solves the fixed perspective problem that 360 video has in VR: You can freely explore our detailed VR spaces at your own pace – photo-realism without being on rails. is out on Steam VR for Vive. I tested it and it was just awesome. Try it if you have a HTC Vive lying around somewhere.

Make VR together with the Sixense Controller is fun and and promising, if you like to take MineCraft to the next (serious) level. And as a side product you can print out your designed model on a 3D printer too.


If you like Surgeon Simulator you should try OSSO VR as a possible career path in the future.

But seriously it is interesting where VR will take us in the future, not only for games.

More game relates was Make VR (with use of the STEM system by Sixense) and Realities.

Challenge, $100,000 grand prize

The “Early Stage Challenge” is the feature event of ECS. Twelve leading startups present their innovative work for a chance to win a $100,000 grand prize. A distinguished panel of judges challenges each presenter with questions and provides insightful feedback. After all the presentations are completed, the excitement continues as the audience votes to help the judges select one winning company!

I will talk more about GTC in the next coming articles.
Maybe about those:
  • Light Field Display HMDs
  • Autodesk VRED
  • VRWorks, GameWorks
  • and more


This Article was written by: Richard

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