Hawken Mech Game – From Indie to Free 2 Play

Psst, I think it is time to admit it finally…

Hi my name is Richard and I am a Roboholic / Mechaholic.

Join the club of (more or less) Mechaholic-Anonymous. It will liberate you!

Nothing on this planet is more attractive then a good looking and well designed Mech I say.

Which unfortunately there are a few!

Just recently Team HAWKEN (with the flipped K obviously!) announced their new Co-Op and first PvE game mode Hawken: Invasion.

Hawken Invasion

I have nothing but deep respect for these guys as they started out as an Indie game developer team and they’ve come a long way with this title.

They say: “Fight against AI-controlled drones, mechs, and even powerful robot bosses in a battle for survival. Earn XP and HC as you face wave after wave of angry robots. Can you survive to the end?”

What more do I need to be happy, except finding some Anonymous Mechaholic. They’re all operating under the radar these days 😉

I wanted to find a bunch of Mechaholics to create my own Mech-Universe game for a while now, but no luck yet. Let me know If you are ‘The One’!

Well, back to Hawken then.

Hawken Predator

Check out the new Predator Mech.

It has some awesome features.

Check the special Stalker ability that makes the Predator nearly invisible (just like a similarly named movie) and can mask from radar except while firing weapons (like a Klingon Ship).

While the Mech is in Stalker mode the distance vision is obscured, but nearby enemies are highlighted by infra-red light (Christmas is coming soon guys).

Well I will try it out (Windows only!) to sweeten the wait for Titanfall next year, or until I have some Mech Jockey who will deactivate their cloak camouflage and help me creating our own unique Indie Mech game in the future – call me, maybe!

Enjoy Hawken and your Post-Halloween recovery weekend! – Richard Hoffmann

robot pumpkin

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