Barbaric horror RPG The Executioner seeks funding on Kickstarter

In The Executioner, you must take on the titular role to torture and kill criminals. Will your position and sanity survive longer than your victims?

Russian developer Lesser Evil Games has announced The Executioner, a psychological horror RPG in which you play the role of a Royal Executioner and must commit horrific acts on the criminals thrown at you. Instead of being a provocatively graphic experience with gore and blood, the game instead is word-heavy and involves making difficult choices.

There is a lot for the game’s protagonist to navigate, from the intricacies of the act of torture, to dealing with the populace and the monarchy. Aiding you in your task is an unusual ability: due to a mutation, you are able to tell if someone is lying and sense things that other people cannot. As for the dead bodies formed as a by-product of your work, you can sell them off to enterprising (and perhaps just a little unscrupulous) doctors. Of course, a task like this takes a toll on your sanity. You’ll have to balance being able to keep it together with doing your job well.

It’s a dark, difficult premise to sit with, and especially when casual gameplay involves sticking needles under your victims’ fingernails. At the same time, The Executioner is conveying a different, but important experience about a life led by actual people, and the monster that swims under human skin.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

The Executioner is in development for PC only at the moment, although stretch goals involve taking the game to Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The game is estimated to be finished in November 2017. Check out the Kickstarter here (20 days to go!), and the official website here. There’s also a demo for the game you can try right now. Really, it works in your browser.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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