HTC Vive Game Jam with Bossa Studios @ Playhubs

Thanks to HTC, Valve, Bossa Studios and Playhubs we had the chance to be the few selected for the first HTC Vive Game Jam in London (UK) this year.

We really enjoyed working with the Vive and the freedom it gives us developers.

HTC Vive Lightsaber Demo
I couldn’t resist. Quickly build Vive Lightsaber Demo 😉 It had to be done!

This two controllers make such a difference and give the player (or user) a real sense of presence in the virtual world.

For example using the trigger at the front to grab things or just to fire a gun you hold in your hand is awesome.

I was amazed by the demos Valve showed us. The underwater demo or the painting (brush) app was just awesome. Painting and drawing in 3D space is just mine blowing.

Check out this video of Glen Keane – Step into the Page to get what I mean.

With the lighthouse technology the player can even walk (or crawl) around the room, well in the limits of the 2 scanner which are fixed in the room at two opposite points.

The where a few teams around over the weekend. The choose few. We had only three Vives and had to take and test our game in turnes. So developing the game kind of blind and then trying it out on the Machines for 15 minutes. Then back to our own PC/Laptops and making the changes etc.

Our team was developing a mashup of Space Invaders and Star Wars. We called it Space InVRaders (working title).

The idea is to use a laser gun in one hand and a light saber in the other. Equipped with those ‘tools’ you stand in front of a round portal like in the movie Stargate. By using the light saber on the gate, it starts to open.

Star Gate Space InVRaders There is a worm hole behind it opening up and some kind of spacey looking invaders are coming your way.

You have to fight them long range with your laser gun or in a melee combat using your light saber.



I always wanted to integrate a Gun-Kata sytle likeScreen Shot 2015-07-13 at 08.56.13 in the movie Equilibrium into a game.

With the two wireless hand controllers of the Vive it was just a no brainer really 😉

There is more to the game design. but for now lets say this is it. We need to keep some surprises for ourselves for now, sorry…

That weekend was a great experience and after leaving the weekend I felt a little bid sad that we had to stop working on our title. There is definitely a lot of potential in using the Vive and the two controls combined with the lighthouse tech. Going back to my Gear VR or Oculus DK 2 without whose controls feels like toking backwards. Well I don’t had the opportunity to try the Touch control of Oculus, but the STEM of Sixense was the closed it felt to the Vive experience so far.

Again a big thanks to Thanks to HTC, Valve, Bossa Studios and Playhubs for making this event possible.

This Article was written by: Richard

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