IND13 in smallest print run of all time

One copy of magazine is now available

IND13, a quarterly digitally downloadable magazine and website specialising in Indie games, is releasing the smallest print run of all time. IND13 are selling one physical issue of IND13 Magazine.

IND13 are releasing one copy of its printed magazine to show how far the magazine has come and to let the industry know they have lots more planned in the future. The copy of the magazine will be available to the highest bidder through commenting on the IND13 website, or by emailing, with all proceeds of the magazine going back into the publication.

The team hope funds raised could finance the magazines second print run and the buyer will have the option to contribute to the magazine in any way they choose. Signed by the team and completely limited edition, this one off copy of the magazine could one day be worth millions…

Harry Cole, Publisher, IND13: “Many might say that releasing a print of one magazine is pointless, but after the hard work of our team to get to this point, we thought it cause to celebrate. We’re now delivering news every day, have a regular magazine and are reaching around 10,000 every month. Although it’s great to release a print run, we hope next time it will be for a few more copies.”

“From a standing start we now have a great magazine, network and website we are very proud of. We hope to get more advertisers/investors/contributors involved, so we can make our next print run thousands of copies and get our magazine in front of more Indie gamers.”

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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