IND13 launches on Patreon

The Home of Indie Gaming IND13 launches on Patreon, the site which allows fans to make donations to individuals and brands so they can continue to produce content. 

As IND13 launches on Patreon, it is a valuable next step in the site’s evolution. The team have been working hard on a new structure that encourages the support of the community in running the site as apposed to third party marketing.

Patreon allows fans and communities to support projects and organisations via regular donations. This gives fans direct contact and influence on sites like IND13, where they are also rewarded for their support with exclusive access and regular updates.

IND13 - Patreon Page

IND13 has launched its page and are eager to get its first patreons, but its patreon page is still in its infancy and will continue to evolve in the near future, with exclusives, access and other incredible collaborative opportunities.

Harry Cole, Editor, IND13: “Setting up our IND13 Patreon allows fans of the site to support us directly and let us continue to offer a community and platform for indie games.”

“It’s important to us to remain as independent as possible and our Patreon page is part of our new business model that’s all about putting our community first.”

“We’re delighted to work with individuals, brands and businesses in gaming, but we want to do it on terms that most benefit our audience. Thank you to everyone who chooses to donate.”

You can find the IND13 Patreon page here IND13 look forward to you becoming a patreon.

This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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