Indie Game Life at the Microsoft Accelerator Program

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap] arrived at the silicon roundabout with the realisation of how lucky we are to be in the heart of this incredible area with such amazing people around us in tech city like London. Every day brings something new and exciting and each week I look through the list of seminar’s that have been scheduled for us with an awe and still almost disbelief that we have been lucky enough to secure a place in the Microsoft Ventures UK accelerator.

Unfortunately I found myself unable to attend all of the sessions due to other commitments, but that’s where the GallantCloud team is lucky to have CEO Ben in the ‘office’ every day to cover any absence, relaying important information back to the team.

GallantCloud TeamThis and the last week we had some meeting with two of our awesome game mentors, which took some precious time out of their busy schedule and visited us for the whole day.
At the beginning of the program we were introduced to the SCRUM methodology and how the pros in the game industry come up with game ideas. They also looked through some of our designs and we were able to have a brilliant discussion around what they felt about them and what they thought could really work for us. After the session we sat down as a whole team and went through the designs again, pushing to make them fuller and form them into something great! As they say: ‘Practice makes perfect’!

As they introduced their SCRUM methodology and experience to us, it became quite clear how this would help our team as well. Apparently there are differences between SCRUM for games and traditional SCRUM for software development, where SCRUM was initially designed for which was brilliant to learn!

One of the other highlights was the GallantCloud team trip to Luton, where the Train2Game headquarter is located, and grabbed our swanky new business cards. It was time to make good use of them and meet other game developers at a Guildford TIGA event. Time to get our new team out there and spread the good word!
It was a very interesting night with a great (and brutally honest) speaker about his journey of publishing a Snooker game on different platforms and how it sold over a period of time.
The talk was very informative and certainly inspiring in regards of the magic of passive income with selling games and making money while you sleep. Obviously that is an art and hard to get right. It takes loads of tenacity to get there.

This week went really quickly this time with working on our game prototype and our set goals this week. We realized we were a little bit over ambitious this at the start of the project. Well, this apparently happens to the best of us according to our mentors. Over time we got much better at estimating what we can deliver each week.
From my point of view we making good use of the game SCRUM methodology and try out the ‘poker numbers’ as well.

Sadly the week had come to an end BUT… (drumroll please)…
We are officially incorporated, yey! But no time to celebrate really.
We are looking into our virtual games wall and discussing possible game concepts that might work for us. As we had some great feedback from our game mentors. So we are highly motivated to include those into our game and develop it further.
It is always great to work together with creative people and to come up with original, funny and sometimes wacky ideas.
Making a choice of the next game elements we are looking into designing further and developing into our prototype over the weekend and next week is a tough one.

Virtual Reality at the Microsoft Accelerrator ProgramMost of the ideas are really good I would love to see them incorporated and test out the results and effect on the game play.
After long discussions about the potential part we find interesting and worth progressing.
After that was done, we started to planning the next week and refining the game design document for the game we are developing.

We even managed to hook up the Oculus Rift and the experience is  truly amazing.



Another exciting week at the Microsoft Ventures UK Accelerator program has passed and another exciting week ahead of us!

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