Indie Game Releases of the Week: 18th to 24th December 2017

This week in indie games: we give orders to adorable tanks, fight our way to the North Pole, pack produce while shooting fruit, brawl a bunch, and more!

We’re already halfway through December and indie games aren’t letting up on their onslaught. After you’re done watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, have a go at one of these fine indies to let your brain calm down from all the spacexplosions. We have a wide spread on offer, but as has become a trend, the lion’s share of releases go to the Switch and PC.

Magibot (18th December on PC, Mac, Linux)

Developer: Studio Baikin
Publisher: Plug In Digital

Magibot is a combination of magician and robot, and our hero ILO will navigate platforming levels in an attempt to find terraforming beacons on an Earth full of hostile creatures. Among the robot’s magic repertoire of magic abilities are the powers to fly, pass through things and stop time.

Brawlout (19th December on Switch)

Developer: Angry Mob Games
Publisher: Angry Mob Games

Brawlout is an indie platform fighter full of acrobatic, aggressive, fast-paced combat. You can play as one of several characters that fit fighting game archetypes, and each fighter has variants, allowing you to fine-tune your play. It’s got local and online multiplayer, and also singleplayer AI fights. It even has cameos from Hyper Light Drifter and Guacamelee!

Accounting+ (19th December on PS VR)

Developer: Crows Crows Crows
Publisher: Crows Crows Crows

Accounting+ was announced with much aplomb at The Game Awards, and we’re still not quite sure what it is. It’s described as a “nightmare adventure comedy”, it comes from the developer behind The Stanley Parable and it’s an expanded version of the SteamVR game Accounting.

Defunct (19th December on PS4, Xbox One)

Developer: Freshly Squeezed
Publisher: SOEDESCO Publishing

Defunct has you playing as a robot who fell out of a cargo ship and landed on a post-human Earth. You have to get back to your ship, and that means using your special engine that generates a gravitational field around you. Gotta go fast!

Shooty Fruity (19th December on PS VR, PC; requires Oculus Rift or HTC Vive)

Developer: nDreams, Near Light
Publisher: nDreams

Shooty Fruity is an indie VR shooter about multitasking to save your life (and your job). Mutant fruits are attacking you, but you also need to scan, serve and pack produce at your workplace.

Krampus Quest (20th December on PC)

Developer: Frozen Rose
Publisher: Frozen Rose

Krampus Quest is a retro-style action-platformer with an involved backstory that culminates in you being on a quest to kill Santa Claus at the North Pole. Should be an interesting twist on your usual Christmas celebrations.

Tiny Metal (21th December on PC)

Developer: Area 35
Publisher: Unties

Tiny Metal very closely resembles its inspiration, the handheld wargaming franchise Advance Wars. Expect a light-hearted theme with adorable little war units that you will command into grisly battles. The game’s turn-based and tile-based gameplay makes for quite a bit of strategy. It’s unclear when the game is releasing on PS4 and Switch, but we do know it’s releasing on PC this week.

I Fell From Grace (21th December on PC)

I Fell From Grace screenshot

Developer: Deep Taiga
Publisher: Deep Taiga

I Fell From Grace is an indie adventure game with a mystery storyline that follows the middle-aged protagonist Henry. Following the death of his unborn child and his wife getting diagnosed with a terminal illness, Henry finds a miracle cure land in his lap. As he investigates the origins of the cure, things get… sinister. Much like Child of Light, the game features rhyming dialogue. There’s also a branching narrative, so make your choices count.

The Next Penelope (21th December on Switch)

Developer: Aurélien Regard, Seaven Studio
Publisher: Plug In Digital

The Next Penelope is an action adventure game full of bright colours and an Odyssey-inspired story set in the future. Expect hectic racing, fighting and even bosses in this port for the Switch. The game features 4-player local co-op, too.

The Deer God (21th December on Switch)

Developer: Blowfish Studios
Publisher: Level 77

The Deer God is an indie platformer-adventure game that promises to challenge your religion. Can you survive as a deer?

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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