Indie Game Releases of the Week: 9th to 15th September 2019

This week in indie games, we have the dark actioner Blasphemous, the chill and supportive Kind Words, the spooky horror game Ellen, and more.

What’s that? Gears? The only gears we’re hearing this week are of indie developers working hard to create diverse and entertaining games. This week, we’ve got action and horror, but also bouncy rhythm fun and chill letter-writing. Sounds like an average day for me. Here’s our round-up of the indies releasing this week.

Blasphemous (10th September on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

Developer: The Game Kitchen
Publisher: Team17

Blasphemous is a lavishly-illustrated dark fantasy game that plays as an action-platformer, and it comes from Spanish studio The Game Kitchen. It’s punishing, so if you’re a fan of old-school games, this one looks like it might scratch that itch (with a sword).

Super Dodgeball Beats (12th September on PC, Xbox One, Switch)

Developer: FinalBoss Games
Publisher: PlayStack

Super Dodgeball Beats mashes up the sport of dodgeball with rhythm gameplay, and the result is something thoroughly catchy. It’s got local multiplayer, but you can also play a singleplayer campaign that involves facing off against strange and powerful dodgeball bosses.

Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan (12th September on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

Developer: CollectorVision Games
Publisher: CollectorVision Games

Sydney Hunter & The Curse Of The Mayan appears to take inspiration from classic adventure heroes like Indiana Jones and Tin Tin, Sydney Hunter is about stopping the Mayan gods from destroying the world It plays as an action-platformer and looks straight out of a Super Nintendo.

Kind Words (13th September on PC, Mac, Linux)

Developer: Popcannibal
Publisher: Popcannibal

Kind Words is already available to Humble Monthly subscribers, but now it’s coming out for everyone. It’s a really chill indie game about listening to lo-fi beats and sending and receiving letters of upliftment and support. And you can apply stickers!

Ellen (13th September on PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

Developer: Red Mount Media, Antarsoft
Publisher: JanduSoft

Ellen is out on PC, but now it’s headed to spook console players. This adventure has you playing as a young investigator looking into the murder of a family. It’s got a thoroughly pixel art aesthetic, but it’s also determined to bring in the gruesome and the scary.

Other Indie Releases

11th September

  • Throne Quest (11th September on Switch)
  • Distraint (11th September on Xbox One, 13th September on Switch)

12th September

  • Battle Supremacy – Evolution (12th September on Switch)
  • Ritual: Sorcerer Angel (12th September on Switch)
  • Mermaid Colony (12th September on PC)
  • The Tenth Line (12th September on Switch)

13th September

  • Chop (13th September on Switch)
  • Atomic Heist (13th September on Switch)
  • Colina: Legacy (13th September on Xbox One)

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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