Indie games from November 2019: Top 5 titles that released last month

Last month in indie games, we became a tourist, a wolf, an astronaut, a cyberpunk warrior, and… whatever it is you become in Superliminal.

November was a great month for indie games that explored new frontiers, seeing as we had a round of original titles centred around offbeat experiences. It may not have been the hottest month for indie releases, but that only made the games below shine ever brighter.

Lost Ember

Lost Ember screenshot

Lost Ember has you playing as a range of animals as they bound across a natural landscape and explore the remains of an fallen civilisation. Each animal puts its own spin on how you can explore, be it by land, sea, or air.

Black Future ’88

Black Future '88

Black Future ’88 is an action roguelike set in an alternate version of 1988: one that’s dropping with cyberpunk neon and stylishly dystopian technology. With your heart set to explode, you must climb the synth-infused tower (while defeating enemies) in order to kill its insane owner. It’ll probably take a few goes.

Still There

Still There game

Still There is an adventure game about a lonely astronaut in a space-lighthouse. After encountering a mysterious radio message, you’re find yourself in a narrative about grief, dark humour, AIs, space station management, and Italian coffee.


Superliminal screenshot

Superliminal is a puzzle game about depth and perspective. There is literally no way to explain how this game works using words, but suffice to say, you’re in for a weird and surreal ride. So check out this launch trailer and pretend this description is longer than it is.

The Touryst

The Touryst indie game

The Touryst is a colourful and blocky adventure game that comes from Shin’en Multimedia (the guys who created Fast RMX). You play as the titular, Hawaiian shirt-equipped tourist as he arrives at an island and begins exploring it to uncover the mystery behind its ancient monuments.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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