Jotun: Nintendo are taking players to Valhalla

Jotun is a hand drawn action-exploration game based on Norse mythology. The game originally launched last year on PC to positive reviews and it is now coming to the Wii U. This is part of Nintendo’s Nindie Summer Jam, which puts the spotlight on some of their hottest indie games. The Wii U version offers a Valhalla Edition, which includes a new game plus and a boss rush mode.

The story of Jotun takes place in the shoes of a Viking named Thora. After experiencing an inglorious death at sea, she has one more chance to prove herself to the gods. Over the course of the game the player solves puzzles and defeats Jotuns (elemental giants) in order to earn their place in Valhalla. The game is beautifully wrapped in Norse mythology. The player will manoeuvre through fantastical locations such as the idyllic paradise Jotunheim and, Yggdrasil, The World Tree.


Jotun’s gameplay revolves around navigating through these elaborate environments, avoiding pitfalls and timing attacks against enemies. These mechanics particularly test the player during Jotun boss battles where they must also avoid huge incoming attacks. These battles are so huge that the camera has to pan out to fit them into the screen. In the Valhalla Edition, these beautifully extravagant boss battles are even more difficult and rewarding for the player.

Jotun Launch Trailer

Critically, the game has received positive reviews with its hand-drawn aesthetic being universally praised. However, criticism has been levelled at the game’s limited difficulty and lack of replay ability. The Valhalla edition seems designed to remedy these issues with a new game plus and boss rush modes.

Jotun is developed by Thunder Lotus Games, based in Montreal with a small team of 8. The game began as a Kickstarter and raised $64,000, with it later receiving external funding to help fulfil the creators’ artistic vision.

The game releases for Wii U on 8th September.

To find out more, visit the game’s website.

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