First-Person Documentary Game Kursk to be Playable at Gamescom

An “adventure-documentary” about the disastrous sinking of a Russian submarine, Kursk will be playable for the first time ever at the Gamescom in Cologne.

There aren’t an awful lot of documentary games out there, and certainly no major names that come to mind. It’s in this relatively novel niche that Kursk breaks in, as a game about survival that depicts the sinking of the Russian submarine of the same name. Although the game has been announced for a while now, we haven’t seen it in motion yet. This will change when the game becomes playable to both press and public next month.

Developed in Poland by Jujubee, the game features technically impressive graphics that bring the interior of the submarine and its crew to life. If you have a powerful enough computer hooked up to a 4K monitor, the game looks like it will have more than a few sights to behold.


What remains to be seen is how respectfully the tragedy is handled—something to keep in mind for an incident that occurred almost exactly 16 years ago. Signs are looking good so far. If this game works out well, it could perhaps really pave the way for more documentary games in the future, something that is sorely necessary in this medium.

Also of note is that the game features music by the excellent Mikolai Stroinski, who has previous composed for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Among the tracks he composed is the amazingly charged combat track “Blood on the Cobblestones“. If I’m not mistaken, it’s his powerful score that can be heard in the game’s trailer below.

The game’s showcase will be available on 17 August for the press and 18 August for the general public. If you’re attending Gamescom, you can find the game at Hall 10, Aisle A-019. Kursk will release on PC (Windows and Mac) as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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