Psychological thriller adventure The Long Reach gets a frightful new trailer

Apart from all other major consoles, The Long Reach will also be coming to the PlayStation Vita, Painted Black Games has announced. New trailer time!

Ukrainian developer Painted Black Games has announced over at the PlayStation Blog that their pixel art-based psychological horror-thriller game The Long Reach will also release on the PlayStation Vita. In this gruesome adventure, you find yourself in a scientific research facility where experimentation has gone wrong and you’re forced to escape.

A point-and-click adventure at heart, The Long Reach involves lots of picking up items and solving puzzles using ingenious solutions. Psychological effects will colour the game, though, making things quite confusing and frightening. There’s still people left to converse with, however, although they may not necessarily be the sanest individuals around. Above all, the game is based around the concept of escaping your tormentors, so don’t expect any direct action.

While Painted Black Games is coy about what what exactly your foes are, we do know that they’re deranged and hallucinating individuals. It does seem to be the fairest portrayal of mental illness, but perhaps the game handles these things better than the marketing does.

Have a look at the trailer below for an example of the oppressive atmosphere the developers have created for the game. I thought it was surprisingly effective.

The Long Reach wears its inspirations with pride. Among the works to make the cut are games like Lone Survivor, The Silent Age, The Cave, Resident Evil and The Last Door as well as The Matrix, True Detective and Fargo.

The Long Reach is expected to release in Autumn this year for Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PS Vita. It is being published by Merge Games.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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