MechWarrior 5 Singleplayer Announced Coming 2018

As a long term Battletech and MechWarrior fan, I was nothing more then overwhelmed with joy about the news announced last weekend at the MechCon 2016 in Vancouver. To be honest, I am still recovering from the weekend meeting with my all time hero Jorden Weisman! It is mind blowing what this man created in the last 3 decades. My favorite is still the Battletech Center aka Virtual World where I played MechWarrior and Red Planet in London, Toronto, Montreal and LA. Good times! Just hard to find these Cockpit centers these days, but it lead to the MechWarrior Online franchise we know and appreciate to date.

Quick time travel to the year 2009. Some of you might remember the trailer of MechWarrior 5 at that time and the later disappointment that it never saw the daylight. MechWarrior Online in September 2013 eased the pain a little bit, but I liked playing all the MechWarrior and Mech Commander titles and enjoyed the singleplayer campaigns tremendously.

Here’s the trailer to refresh your memory 😉

And here the MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Pre-Alpha Footage from the Mech Con 2016 last Saturday.

The first thing I was asking myself later that evening, and to someone from Piranha, was if the game would be Virtual Reality (VR) compatible, because for me that is a very important part of each FPS or Cockpit game. If you have played Onward, Eve Valkyrie or BattleZone on VR, you know what I am talking about. It just kicks everything below the waistline!

I got a positive response to my question. So as it looks we will be able to play this game in 2018 on certain VR devices. So far this has to be confirmed.

It was also interesting to hear that Piranha is moving away from the CryEngine and towards using the Unreal Engine 4 instead.

Stay tuned for more on MechWarrior 5.

Check out the Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries website.

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