Minoria, a spiritual sequel to Momodora, is launching on PC this month

Action-platformer Minoria is being developed by Momodora developer Bombservice, and it is slated to release later this month on PC.

Bombservice has announced that its upcoming action-platformer Minoria will launch later this month. The title will be out on 27th August on PC. There’s no word on when the game’s console ports will release, but they are indeed being worked on. While the developer has confirmed that the game will come out on the Switch, the plural ‘ports’ suggests there might be a PS4 or Xbox One release as well.

Have a look at the game in action below:

This is how the developer describes the game:

The story takes place during the fourth Witch War. It is a time of fanatical religious fervor. The Sacred Office, a powerful organization leading an Inquisition against heresy, purges the sinners who threaten humanity. Those responsible for conducting a mysterious ceremony that contradicts the rules of the Church are labeled “witches.”

Set forth with Sisters Semilla and Fran, missionaries in the Church’s service, on their journey to thwart the witches’ ceremony and protect the common-folk from heresy that endangers the status quo.

And here’s what you can expect from the gameplay:

– A powerful fantasy story inspired by the history of medieval Europe
– A unique visual aesthetic combining hand-painted 2D art with cel-shading
– Fluid controls encouraging careful engagement and patient play
– Offensive combat enabling players to crush enemies with a mix of swordplay and spells
– Defensive options including dodge-rolls and parries
– A leveling system that helps players adjust their character to their desired difficulty

Minoria is being developed by Bombservice, the developer of the cult Momodora series of action-platformers. Dangen Entertainment is handling publishing. You might know them for publishing Asura and Iconoclasts.

Minoria doesn’t appear to have an official website, but you can check out the developer’s website here, and the game itself on Steam here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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