Necrobarista delayed, but still on track for a Q3 2019 release on PC

Australian visual novel Necrobarista won’t be launching in early August as was initially announced. You won’t have to wait too long, though.

Back in May this year, we learned that Route 59’s long-awaited 3D visual novel will finally release in early August. Turns out that’s not quite happening. According to a new announcement by the developer, Necrobarista has been pushed back from its 8th August release date.

No new release date has been announced at this point, but the developers are confident they’ll make it in Q3 2019, so expect it sometime later in August or September. This release is purely for the PC version, mind. Necrobarista is also scheduled to release on Switch and PS4 in 2020 and that hasn’t changed.

As a counterweight to the unfortunate news, Route 59 has also announced that when the game does come out, it will be available in a whopping 14 languages. These are, *deep breath* English, French, French (Canadian), Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and Dutch.

Here’s how the game is very briefly described by its devs:

Inspired equally by film and anime, Necrobarista is a unique take on the visual novel medium. Follow a dynamic and diverse cast of characters as they navigate Melbourne’s hipstery coffee culture, the questionable ethics of necromancy, and the process of letting go.

Scoring the game’s music is Australian composer Kevin Penkin. You might know him from the mobile hit Florence, or from the anime Made in Abyss and Norn9.

For more information on the game, have a look at the game’s official website here. Also have a look at our post from back when the game was announced.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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