Necrobarista to release in August for PC; console versions to come in 2020

Necrobarista has come a long way since its 2017 announcement, but it is now scheduled to release in a matter of months. It’ll be coming to Steam first.

Route 59 has finally announced a release date for its adventure visual novel Necrobarista. The game will be out on 8th August, but only on PC and via Steam. Pricing will be set to $14.99, and the game will be available in English, (Simplified) Chinese, and Japanese languages.

As the developer announced previously, the game will also release on Switch and PS4, but those versions will be out next year.

Route 59 has also released a brand new gameplay trailer:

Here’s what the game’s about:

Stop in for a cup of coffee at The Terminal, a magical café in Melbourne, Australia frequented by living and dead customers. Staffed by a necromancer, this back-alley java house allows the deceased to return to the world of the living for one final day before shuffling off this mortal coil.

Necrobarista takes visual novels in a bold new direction with 3D visuals that provide a distinct cinematic aesthetic and supply the narrative’s branching scenarios with depth and nuance. This also gives players the opportunity to explore the coffee shop and investigate its environments as they mingle with patrons and help them resolve unfinished business.

Another revelation that’s been made is that Kevin Penkin will be handling the game’s music. The 26-year-old Australian-origin composer is best known for scoring the Made in Abyss anime series, but he also worked on last year’s indie darling Florence.

For more information on Necrobarista, have a look at its official website here. It’s quite freshly updated. There’s also new stuff up on the game’s Steam page.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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