It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Galaxy: Gear VR

A new dawn for Virtual Reality starts officially now. For me this is a historical moment and first milestone towards the real next generation of games to come.

With Samsung’s launch of the Gear VR consumer version in the US, virtual reality just got real.

It is powered by Oculus and its own App Store. Samsung Gear VR puts you right into the action, from games to movies to your favorite shows (ie. Netflix).

Have a look at Samsung’s Gear VR Advert.

In all cases Gear VR gives you a fully immersive experience. So in theory you can toss away your big LCD Flat screen, as you have it now with you in your pocket all the time.

I had the first and second Innovator Edition and I was pretty impressed by the form factor and the cleverly build in navigation system on the right hand side to touch and swipe through the menus and also playing most games with it.

Sometimes though some games like Omega Agent by FireproofGames require a Samsung Controller to play the game properly. As it is a full fledged FPS then a stationary game experience.

The best graphical game at the moment is EVE: Gunjack by CCP in my opinion, but unfortunately it is ‘just’ a simple Turret Shooter.

After playing EVE Valkyrie on Playstation VR and Oculus Crescent Bay half a docent times, from a gameplay perspective this feels one huge step backwards. If you are not as spoiled as i am, you will love it?

So let the (VR) games begin. We all are having truly exciting (game) times ahead of us!

I have see it on Amazon and Samsung’s store. Just make sure you get the New Gear VR and not one off the older Innovator Editions.

So far the New Gear VR is only compatible with Samsung’s high-end devices Galaxy S6 range.

Samsung Galaxy Wireless Bluetooth NFC Wireless Gamepad Controller SM-R320NPWGBT
Samsung Galaxy Wireless Bluetooth NFC Wireless Gamepad Controller


Everyone else can still use Google Cardboards, which works with most Android and iOS devices, but it is not as high quality and you would not get some of the exclusive games and apps distributed on the Gear VR Oculus App Store.

For Indie Game developers like me, those new opportunities are great at the moment, as games on those platforms don’t need a marketing budget to get notices by the users.

This Article was written by: Richard

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