Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror to get first DLC “The Tied Corpse” soon

How prepared are you to tend an Indonesian cemetery in the dead of the night? Find out in the first story DLC for Pamali, releasing next month.

Publisher Playism has announced that Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror will get its first DLC story (and second story overall) on 14th May. You’ll find the DLC available for purchase on Steam here.

As with each episode of the game, this one focuses on an individual folkloric horror from Indonesia. As we originally learned last year, this bit of DLC is based on the titular ‘Tied Corpse’. You will play the role of a gravekeeper in this DLC and that means tending to (or ignoring) basic tasks like cleaning graves and picking flowers.

Here’s what the plot and gameplay are all about:

A new gravekeeper, Cecep, suddenly given the responsibility to take care of a certain burial, despite being a first-timer. However, during the burial, Cecup is left to make a key decision which would decide his fate. Should he choose the wrong one, something will await him. While he continues his job, the night turns dreadful; desperate wails and cries for help echo from the graveyard. Along the way, Cecep should learn what he did wrong and pay for this mistake.

Choice factors in very heavily into the game, as even mundane decisions can have chilling consequences down the line:

The decisions you make in the game will lead you to different routes and endings. As you play the game, you can choose to run away from the very beginning or continue the game with various conditions to end the game. You can choose to be a responsible man, be a coward, or rude towards your surroundings.

Have a look at teaser trailer for the game that was released earlier this month:

Pamali has an official website here, and you’ll also find it on Steam here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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