Quake-inspired shooter Dusk to enter Steam Early Access next month

Retro shooter Dusk will arrive on Steam’s Early Access program next month, and it will come with its second episode. The full release is only ‘months away’.

Dusk will enter Early Access on 11th January 2018, according to a new community announcement on Steam. Presently, the game is available for pre-purchase which grants owners access to the first episode of the three-episode game. With the Early Access release, owners will be able to play both the first and second episodes of the game. Surprisingly, it seems that the shift to Early Access was done at the behest of Valve directly.

The post goes into detail on the game’s current status as well. Multiplayer is in a closed beta stage, and is described as being both “very stable” and “fun”. The beta will be available to owners of the game when it goes into Early Access as well. Apart from this, there are two ‘Endless Arena’ survival modes available.

The third episode of the game is still under development and will be playable when the game releases in full. Also coming out in the full release will be the third Endless Arena mode and support for achievements and trading cards.

Finally, the post makes it clear that if you already own Dusk, you don’t need to spend any more dime to access the Early Access version of the game, or its full release. If you do not own Dusk, the game will continue to be priced at the $20 it was available for before.

Dusk is a retro-styled shooter that takes after classics of the genre like Quake, Hexen, Heretic and Half-Life. To survive the night, you must commit butchery and mayhem and fight through a whole range of enemies that are out to get you. If you enjoyed the strafe-happy, low-poly gameplay of classic shooters, Dusk is not one to miss.

More retro-styled shooting can be found in Strafe. For more shooting of grotesque things, check out Scorn.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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