Witty book-destroying action RPG Quote hits Early Access on PC, Mac

Serve the god of ignorance and bring an end to all that pesky knowledge in Quote, which is now available in Early Access form on Steam.

Developer Vindit have announced that their game Quote, which we talked about in the past, has now hit Early Access on Steam. The Early Access version of the game includes the first two full chapters of the game along with a prologue chapter and an procedurally-generated dungeon called the Infinite Library. The two-person development team at Vindit estimates the game to stay in Early Access for six months, but is prepared to take longer “if it means a better game at the end of it”.

Quote puts you in the soot-soled shoes of Novella, a servant of Bliss, the god of ignorance. Bliss has sent you out to destroy all wisdom, science and culture, so it’s your job to burn books away – or alternately, feed them to your… err… strange-looking buddy Tatters. There’s obviously quite a bit of Ray Bradbury in this, but Vindit also cites inspiration from the likes of Umberto Eco and Aldous Huxley. Have a look at its knowledge-bashing gameplay in the brand new trailer:

Quote is beautiful to look at, and its lush and colourful art is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch (famed Dutch painter known for inventing the ‘WTF am I looking at‘ school of art). That’s not the only appeal of the game, however. Its dark satire is a particularly relevant today, at a time when knowledge and truths have taken a backseat to ‘alternative facts‘. It’s unclear if Quote’s story will eventually subvert its depressing premise, but that’ one of the draws of the game, no doubt. It certainly has me hooked, however.

You can get Quote right now on Steam in Early Access form and play it on PC and Mac. The game will be available at a 15 percent discount through its Early Access period. No other platforms have been announced at this point.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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