Rudi Rainbow – A super cute edutainment children’s app coming to kickstarter

“Rudi Rainbow and the Lost Colors“ is a cute illustrated iPad app teaching kids aged 6 and above about the weather and space. In the story, kids are asked to help the little rainbow Rudi find his lost colors. Fun characters like Mrs. Breeze or Professor Hailstone will explain how wind or hail are formed and after each explanation, kids can apply their knowledge in an interactive mini game. Throughout the app, there are six educational topics as well as six matching games to help kids understand their environment.

The app concept as well as the lovely illustrations and characters were created by the German girls Martina and Felicitas. The different characters were hand-crafted using different materials like modeling clay, cables or wool. Lots of photos and textures give the 34 scenes a handmade, child-friendly look.

For developing the interactive story, indie game developer Daniel Wiedemann joined the team. He is currently working on bringing Rudi Rainbow’s adventure to life.

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For the app being suitable for young tablet users, everything kids should not interact with is locked in a secured area for parents. In addition, there are no in-app purchases or ads leading to the web – no parent wants to receive an invoice from Apple for things their kid purchased „by accident“. Another issue is trying to find a good balance for challenging children’s skills, while neither boring nor overwhelming them. On top, this needs to work on two levels: content complexity and abilities in movement.

The team found a harmonious relation between education and entertainment: For example, understanding how rain is formed is not easy for kids. But having a cute character like Mr. Cloud explain this complex topic does make it a lot easier. In order to keep kids motivated after receiving so much information, the little games and interactions added are kept simple, intuitional and most importantly fun.

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In order to bring Rudi and his weather friends to life, give them voices as well as finish the final steps of development, Martina, Felicitas and Daniel launched their Kickstarter campaign a couple of days ago. Besides offering the app as a reward, they came up with fun goodies such as hand-knit rainbow socks or cute character shirts. Let’s help them out and support Rudi Rainbow here:

This Article was written by: Lee Smith

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