Scream for Fun – Louie Cooks for Oculus Rift and Beyond

I though I have see it all by now, after being on most game conferences, but this is definitely … well different to say the least!

At the last Gamescom in Cologne I had the ‘honor’ of hearing people scream with an Oculus headset on.

Usually it is already weird enough for some people to put on an HMD in the public, but now it adds another layer of ‘weirdness’ (in a positive way I guess) to it.

I am not sure if the person playing the game has fun, but definitely the people around have some ‘Schadenfreude’, if you know what I mean.


The game Louie Cooks started as student project that was developed at the SAE Institute KΓΆln (Cologne).


The Game


Louie Cooks is an Oculus Rift based ‘Arcade Cat-Defense’ game. Yes seriously!

Experience the Oculus Rift & Microphone in a new way!

Shout & shake your head to fulfill a cat’s dream!







The Team (or a part ) behind the ‘Scream Machine’

The Team
Manuel Schmuki & Selen Yalcin Source:









Check out the Facebook Page or the Kickstarter for more details.

This game got Greenlit on the Steam. If you scream, you might get it faster πŸ˜‰

It will be launching Steam this or next month.

This Article was written by: Richard

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