Shooter Deathstate released for the Nintendo Switch

New York based indie company Bread Machine today announced that its roguelike shooter Deathstate launched for Nintendo Switch on September 17th. Ever since its release back in October of 2015, Deathstate has amassed a following of passionate players both on Steam and on PS4. Now, the team at Bread Machine hopes to extend the reach of Deathstate even further thanks to its newfound re-release. 

Deathstate - Poster


Deathstate is a roguelike, bullet hell, single stick shooter set in a bizarre world of dimensional exploration. You play as a number of unique characters trying to discover the fate of Professor Elinberg who opened a portal to the void. Great and terrible mysteries and even greater treasures await if you are bold or foolhardy enough to go beyond the beyond.

Deathstate - Characters

The Latest Update

In the new versions of Deathstate, players will also find tidbits of new content whilst still feeling the nostalgia of its original gameplay. The game now features a new Item Store with an in-game currency to go along with it. Bread Machine hopes the shop will make it easier for players to unlock rare items and abilities rather than exclusively having to grind and pray for rng in order to find rare drops. 

Bread Machine

Bread Machine is an independent game development studio in upstate New York, spun off from Workinman Interactive in 2016. After ten years of making games for clients, we struck out on our own to create the weird, trippy, and cool IP we always dreamed of.  

Deathstate - Game

The game can be found here:

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