Solo: Islands of the Heart releases on consoles this week; up for pre-order

Solo, an introspective puzzler about relationships, is sailing to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch later this week. You can snag it right now, too.

After its PC debut last year, Solo is making its way to home consoles, and with a new subtitle to boot. Solo: Islands of the Heart, as it is now known, will bring you lots of puzzling in which you introspect about love and relationships. The game is coming out on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this week, according to the following schedule.

Solo will release on 30th July for PlayStation in North America, and 31st July in Europe. Xbox One players will get the game on 31st July worldwide, while the Switch will get the game on 1st August. Of these, Solo is available for pre-order on Xbox One and Switch. You can go ahead the throw money at the screen over at Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop right now.

Have a look at the game’s trailer:


And here’s what the game’s about, according to the devs:

Solo is a contemplative puzzler set on a gorgeous and surreal archipelago. Reflect on your loving relationships by exploring contemplative, dream-like islands.

– Reflect on love’s place in your life with a personal and introspective branching narrative.

– Combine blocks with different properties offering multiple solutions for most puzzles.

– Contemplate and explore a living world: take photos of the charming, colourful islands amidst tranquil tunes or play the guitar for cute creatures.

Solo: Islands of the Heart has been developed by Madrid, Spain-based studio Team Gotham. The console releases of the game are being handled by UK-based indie publisher Merge Games. For more information on the game, have a look at the game’s official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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