Retro-styled FPS Strafe gets a March release date, and it’s not in 1996

Strafe looks like it’s going to take the first-person shooter genre kicking and screaming back to 1996. Here’s when it’s out, and what you can play it on.

Sure, there’s a spaceship, and there’s monstrous baddies to shoot in the face, but you have to understand that Strafe is a game that thinks it’s stuck in 1996. System Shock is still in vogue, and Quake is right around the corner. Unreal doesn’t even exist yet. So what do you, as a self-respecting time-traveller owning a PlayStation 4 or a Steam account, to do? Strafe.

First, the news: Strafe will be out on 28 March 2017 (we double-checked), for Windows PC, Mac and PS4. Unlike the good ol’ 90s, it does not appear to have a demo or a shareware version, and it apparently will not be distributed on floppy or compact disc—you will need to use your dial-up internet to download its bits into your system of choice. Yes mum, the download will be done in a minute, you can talk on the phone later!

Strafe is a no-frills sci-fi themed shooter, and it’s got gore. Lots, and lots of gore. So much so that the announcement trailer they’ve released reveals the release date on a wall slathered with blood. The game features procedurally generated levels, so every run goes differently, giving you yet another chance to die at one of the game’s 20+ enemies. Or, a chance to blast ’em with one of the game’s 30+ weapons.

Strafe is developed by Pixel Titans, who introduced the project on Kickstarter exactly two years ago. The game successfully hit its funding goal and has secured a publisher in Devolver Digital. It will also feature Oculus Rift support, but it’s unclear whether this will be included at launch. Besides, VR? Psssh, a pipe dream. It’s 21 years away, at earliest. Now, where did I put my Duke Nukem 3D disc…

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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