Klang: Guitar Hero and God of War have a baby

Jotun: Nintendo are taking players to Valhalla

Jotun is a hand drawn action-exploration game based on Norse mythology. The game originally launched...
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Forma.8: a space probe NASA lost track of

Forma.8 is a small, unthreatening exploration probe that finds itself stranded on an unknown alien...
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HitBox: back to basics

HitBox offers a back to basics for online competitive multiplayer. It presents simple, fast-paced shooting...
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The Final Station – Review

The Final Station: finally a Pixelart game with a story! I have to admit I...
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Eco - Planet

No man’s… Eco system

Eco, developed by Strange Loop Games, is a global survival multiplayer game where it is...
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Shadow Over Isolation

Shadow Over Isolation: lovecraftian style horror

Shadow Over Isolation is a first-person adventure that looks to construct a narrative that avoids ...
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Gamerzeino Issue Two is out now!

Gamerzeino, the worlds best independent magazine for all things gaming (so say us), is now...
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Krinkle Krusher

Spell casting defence game Krinkle Krusher releases on PC today

Use spells to defend your castle from nasty ‘Krinkles’ in Krinkle Krusher, which makes the...
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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat Breaks Even Within a Week, Console Versions Planned

Human: Fall Flat by No Brakes Games has entered into profit, and successfully not fallen...
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