Black Friday Sale Green Man Gaming 2019

Black Friday Deals 2019: 5 stores with the best discounts on indie games

Tent City Dystopia: Alien Squatter Creator Interview

In Alien Squatter, a new RPG/sim available on Steam, players take the role of a...
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AvoCuddle - Gameplay

AvoCuddle Game on Steam

Prepare for a thrilling and fruity adventure in AvoCuddle, a 2D platformer that’s equal parts...
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Review: AER: Memories of Old

Back when I was a child, I often just explored the safe area of the...
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Forts screenshot

World of Goo-like base-building RTS Forts to release in April

Forts, a strategy game about building forts with questionable structural stability, will be releasing in...
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Super Lovely Planet

Super Lovely Planet announced, and it’s a third-person platformer

Quicktequila has announced that the third game in the Lovely Planet series is called Super...
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Quote screenshot

Witty book-destroying action RPG Quote hits Early Access on PC, Mac

Serve the god of ignorance and bring an end to all that pesky knowledge in...
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Surgeon Simulator devs’ Decksplash is Splatoon, but with skateboards

There’s no squids in this one, but at least you can have paint warfare on...
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Cayne, a free adventure in the Stasis universe, is set to release tomorrow

Cayne is a follow-up to Stasis, and has you guiding a pregnant woman trapped in...
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Retro-styled FPS Strafe gets a March release date, and it’s not in 1996

Strafe looks like it’s going to take the first-person shooter genre kicking and screaming back...
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