The Blind Prophet is a grim, lavishly illustrated point-n-click coming in 2020

Hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game The Blind Prophet is slated for a January 2020 release on PC, and it’s an absolute looker.

A lot of point-and-clicks love the pixel art aesthetic, perhaps because it calls to mind the classic adventures of the 1990s. The Blind Prophet from Ars Goetia, however, rebels against the trend by choosing rich, comic book-style art that’s drawn by hand. The result is that every screenshot in the game looks a lot like concept art, or even more—like an actual comic book.

The Blind Prophet screenshot 2

Set in a grim world full of secrets, The Blind Prophet has you playing as the apostle Bartholomeus, who is on a quest to eradicate the Great Evil from the city of Rotbork. Along the way, he’ll also hunt demons, and with your help, he’ll no doubt solve a bunch of inventory puzzles. What? This is a point-and-click game after all.

There’s shades of The Witcher to the feel of the game, with a good bit of gothic and cyberpunk themes tossed in as well. The result is something that looks deliciously grimy, with plentiful use of black shadows.

Have a look at a trailer for the game here:

According to a recent announcement from French developer Ars Goetia, The Blind Prophet will release on 10th January, 2020, exclusively on PC. However, the developers also plan to port the game to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Android, and iOS. No dates have been announced for those versions at present, as “the game needs some reworking to fit these platforms”.

Check out the game’s official website here. You’ll also find it on Steam here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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