The Executioner will test your morals (and sanity) when it comes out in July

In Executioner, you step into the role of a medieval torturer and executioner and see how long you last. The game’s first chapter will be out in July.

It takes a lot more than just physical fortitude to step into the role of the Royal Executioner, you have to be willing to sacrifice your mental health, too. You can test your mettle at the job when you play The Executioner, the first chapter of which is releasing on 17th July. It’ll be out on Steam, across PC, Mac, and Linux.

The grim, mainly text-based RPG was up on Kickstarter when we last covered it. Set in the Middle Ages, it has you torturing people to get signed confessions out of them. And then, well, you get them well-acquainted with the sharp end of your axe. Apart from the rigours of your job, you’ll also dabble in occultism and a market of dead flesh. All this comes at the price of your sanity.

Here’s lead writer Elena Sivakova explaining how the game came to be:

“We were inspired to create this game by a thought: ‘How people, whose work is inflicting pain and killing other humans, actually live?'”

Another inspiration of the game was the famed psychological experiment known as the Milgram experiment. The gist of it is that we’re capable of doing pretty horrible things to people if we’re ordered to.

The Executioner is being developed by Moscow-based studio Lesser Evil Games. There’s no official dates on when the subsequent episodes will release, but the game’s Steam page suggests a new episode will come out every 2 months.

Check out the official website of The Executioner here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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