The Final Station – Review

The Final Station: finally a Pixelart game with a story!

I have to admit I like pixel art games. I am usually not so much into dystopian stuff, but The Final Station looks like fun.

You travel in a train through a dying world, look after your passengers, keep your train operational, and make sure you can always reach the next station. At each station you have to make your way through swarms of the infected, and explore mysterious and abandoned stations looking for supplies and survivors. This pretty much sums up the whole game, but it is more than enough to have lots of fun, and with tons of action too.

Playing a double game

As mentioned before the game consists of two parts. First is a train station, second is the train itself whilst it is moving. At the train station you have to find some survivors and the access code so that you can depart with the train, as well as surviving attacks and collecting some loot, which you need later to craft new items on the train. As well as crafting new items, you can repair and restore certain train components, which comes in handy. You also have to keep your passengers alive by giving them health packs and food, if you want to get some rewards per head in form of hard post-apocalyptic cash.

The Last Station

There are intricate storylines to follow too, which I enjoyed, which you see by reading the conversations of the passengers you just liberated. You have to take care of their well being and spend time crafting supplies so, like me, sometimes you can miss out on what they are saying whilst you are in the front of the train… For those of you that are not interested in those offshoot storylines, though, you can just enjoy the action, which there is plenty of.

The Controls

The controls are a bit different as you use the mouse for gaming, with the left mouse button to shoot and the right for melee attacks. Those are quite useful if you want to save ammo, but you need good timing and patience to knock those tenacious dark little infected ones down. The A,W,S,D keys are for moving, as in a lot of games, so you quickly get used to them. I did try to connect a gamepad to it, just to see what happens, but no luck… so really just keyboard and mouse.

Final Station scenes gif


In my opinion TinyBuild and Do My Best have done a really good job with this title. Sometimes there seems to be some unfair situations with too many infected in a room, and scarce items to find and use for crafting (nothing new in a game there), and a few of my passengers died because I could not craft health packs or food for them as a result of that. I guess I missed some loot somewhere too.

However, all-in-all it is a really enjoyable and atmospheric game with a story that hooks, 5 chapters with changing (parallax) environments and some living (and sometimes dying) characters. What more do you want!?

Get it Now

The Final Station is out now on Steam, with PS4 and Xbox One following hot on its heels. You can also get the The Final Station Collector’s Edition on Steam with exclusive DLC package containing the Original Soundtrack and an Artbook.

This Article was written by: Richard

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