Detective noir adventure Tokyo Dark releases in September; new trailer up

Enter a dark world of Tokyo where urban legends are real, where sanity is slipping and where Detective Ito must find her lost partner, all in Tokyo Dark.

Point-and-click adventure Tokyo Dark was a thunderous success at Kickstarter over two years ago, and now it’s finally approaching release. Between then and now, it got picked up by Square Enix for its Square Enix Collective program, which is what the game will be published under. According to Square Enix Collective, Tokyo Dark is finally set to release on 7th September.

There’s a new release date trailer out that should give you a feel of the title’s themes and look. Have a look at it below.

As you might expect, Tokyo Dark is a game about dark stuff happening in Tokyo. This Tokyo is, of course, a very noir one, where urban legends thrive and a grizzled, trenchcoat-wearing detective will be found interacting with bartenders and suspects alike. You play as Detective Ayami Ito, who is investigating her partner’s disappearance.

Your search will take you across Tokyo and give you lots of puzzles to solve, as well as difficult decisions to make. The puzzles will have multiple possible solutions, and the decisions you make will have consequences on your character and the world she inhabits. As should be expected, there are multiple endings.

The game’s developer, Cherrymochi, is based in Japan itself, making them close to the game’s setting. When it comes to inspirations, Cherrymochi cites everything from Shenmue, Clocktower, Heavy Rain, all the way to the indie adventure game The Blackwell Legacy.

Tokyo Dark is set to release on 7th September for PC, over Steam only. The game’s Steam page does not appear to have gone live yet.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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