Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- to bring horror detective adventuring to PS4 and Switch

Tokyo Dark is coming to PS4 and Switch later this year in the form of Tokyo Dark -Remembrance-. New content is inbound, if you can stay sane until then.

Tokyo Dark released last year on PC, and we were there when the original release date was announced. Now, the game is investigating consoles, specifically PS4 and Switch. No specific release date has been announced yet, but the console release is expected sometime in Winter 2018.

While the PC version was published by Square Enix Collective, the PS4 and Switch versions will be published by UNTIES. That’s the new indie publishing label set up by Sony Music. It was responsible for publishing Tiny Metal last year.

Have a look at the newly released trailer below:

The -Remembrance- release functions as a ‘special edition’ of sorts, and it will include new dialogue paths for NPCs, new endings, and improved graphics. There is no word on whether the changes will make it to the original PC version at any point.

Here’s the blurb on what the game’s about:

Tokyo Dark is an anime-style horror adventure game. The story follows Detective Itō across Tokyo, searching for the truth behind her partner’s strange disappearance. Featuring puzzles, stat management, and difficult decisions, Tokyo Dark puts the narrative in the hands of the player. Players’ decisions change Itō’s character, opening or locking options and leading to more than 10 different endings, including new ones added in this special edition.

Tokyo Dark originally released on PC in September last year. The game has a score of 74 on OpenCritic. For more information, check out the official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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