Here’s the Top 10 Indie Game Releases of December 2017

2017 is behind us, but we’re opening that crate one last time to have a look at the indie games that slipped in before the year ended.

Most indie devs were busy celebrating the holidays or prepping for the new year, judging by the fewer game releases last month. Nevertheless, some really good titles came out in December that are worth your attention, and perhaps your dime. Here’s the last biggest indie games of 2017!

Seven: The Days Long Gone (PC)

Developer: IMGN.PRO, Fool’s Theory
Publisher: IMGN.PRO
OpenCritic Score: 66
Steam Reviews: Mostly Positive

Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric RPG in which you play as the master thief Teriel, who finds himself on the prison island of Peh. The story-focused game gives you freedom in how you approach your objectives, whether by sneaking around or going in with your weapons at the ready. You also get to explore a wide open world and interact with the other residents of Peh.

Reigns: Her Majesty (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)

Developer: Nerial, Synaptic Insight Technology Systems
Publisher: Devolver Digital
OpenCritic Score: 81
Steam Reviews: Very Positive

Reigns: Her Majesty is the follow-up to the original Reigns, and it’s a straightforward more-of-the-same game. You play as the queen of a kingdom this time around, and like before, you have to balance the various aspects of your kingdom by swiping cards left or right, Tinder-style.

Finding Paradise (PC, Mac, Linux)

Developer: Freebird Games
Publisher: Freebird Games
OpenCritic Score: 86
Steam Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive

Finding Paradise is the sequel to the classic indie adventure To The Moon. Once again, you play as the good doctors Rosalene and Watts as they fulfil a dying patient’s last wish. Rendered in 16-bit RPG graphics, Finding Paradise is an emotionally driven sci-fi adventure that’s all-story.

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Nine Parchments (PC, Switch)

Developer: Frozenbyte
Publisher: Frozenbyte
OpenCritic Score: 66
Steam Reviews: Mostly Positive

Nine Parchments comes from the makers of Trine, and it is a co-op-enabled spellcasting RPG in which you take control of a group of wizards out to find the fabled nine parchments. Friendly fire and resurrection make this an adventure full of accidents. Sounds a lot like Magicka.

Tiny Metal (PC, Mac, PS4, Switch)

Developer: Area 35
Publisher: Unties
OpenCritic Score: 72
Steam Reviews: Mostly Positive

Tiny Metal is an Advance Wars-inspired arcade strategy game in which you control adorable-looking military units into war. The game features a 20-hour singleplayer campaign in which you play as the Artemisian lieutenant Nathan Gries as he takes on the villainous Zipang Shogunate.

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Gorogoa (PC, iOS, Switch)

Developer: Buried Signal
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
OpenCritic Score: 83
Steam Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive

Gorogoa is a unique puzzle game in which you tinker with panels of art to instigate surreal changes. The game features lush, animated illustrations combined with a brand of puzzling that requires some imagination and creativity.

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Floor Kids (Switch)

Developer: MERJ Media
Publisher: MERJ Media
OpenCritic Score: 78

Floor Kids is a breakdance battle game in which you bust moves that will have you styling all over the dance floor. The game features a robust scoring system that rewards originality and style. Competitive multiplayer is included, so you can breakdance against your friends, too.

Never Stop Sneakin’ (Switch)

Developer: Humble Hearts
Publisher: Humble Hearts
OpenCritic Score: 68

Never Stop Sneakin’ is a spoof of Metal Gear Solid, complete with faux-PS1 graphics, stealth gameplay and an absurd plot that involves using time travel to kidnap all the US presidents to have ever served office. It comes from the makers of Dust: The Elysian Tail and stars Vice President Helicopter. Who is a helicopter.

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Shooty Fruity (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS VR)

Developer: nDreams, Near Light
Publisher: nDreams
OpenCritic Score: 78
Steam Reviews: Positive

Shooty Fruity is an intense multi-tasking VR shooter in which you have to fend off attacking mutant fruits, all while working your counter job as a supermarket clerk. Scan, serve and pack produce while shooting with your other hand and see how far you’ll survive in the eventual fruity apocalypse.

Accounting+ (PS VR)

Developer: Crows Crows Crows
Publisher: Crows Crows Crows
OpenCritic Score: 70

Accounting+ is a bizarre VR comedy where all manner of surreal things happen. To quote the developer’s brief, “Experience classic virtual reality gameplay: clean up your office, take the battery out of the cooling machine, play the skeleton xylophone, and/or summon thousands of demons.”

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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