Tough Zebra App, now live on Kickstarter

Tough Zebra is an upcoming Indie game/fitness application for iOS and Android devices with the goal of gamifying your indoor cardio workouts.

Get on your treadmill or stationary bicycle, open the Tough Zebra app on your mobile or tablet device and start running or cycling. The game takes you to virtual worlds where you can complete workout programs in the form of challenging game missions, listen to music and get motivated by professional trainers. Set for release in July 2020, the application is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Tough Zebra

Tough Zebra - Gameplay

How does the application work

Tough Zebra connects to smart devices such as Apple watch, various Bluetooth (BLE) pedometers or cycling sensors to get your heart rate, steps count or cycling speed. The app then uses this data to sync your speed to the speed of the avatar in the game. We then calculate other health information such as your calories burned and distance travelled.

Tough Zebra - Title

Real time personal trainer feedback

Tough Zebra creators have worked with several professional trainers to create workout programs specifically for the treadmill and indoor cycling with various levels of difficulty. In addition, the trainers voice is recorded and is used as a guide track. As you complete each workout plan, the application analyses your health data and provides real time feedback and guidance based on your performance.

Cyrus Mir, Creative director, environment designer “With Tough Zebra app, we wanted to create the ultimate game we would enjoy playing ourselves while completing a cardio workout after a busy day at the office.”

Game Missions

What makes Tough Zebra stand out from other fitness apps is the gamification of cardio workout programs. We couldn’t call it a game without some challenging missions to complete. As a user you can choose from different game missions with various difficulty levels from beginner to advanced. Game missions are in fact workout programs. You have to speed up and slow down to achieve different game objectives. Escape from grizzly bears and capture criminals and get points based on how closely you stick to the workout program all while getting audio feedback from your trusty companion personal trainer.

There’s more

Tough Zebra includes many other great features such as in-app music streaming and workout analysis and history. For an in depth list of features and capabilities check our campaign which is live on Kickstarter now help us bring this project to live. The app is set for a release in July 2020.

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