Untitled Goose Game Walkthrough: Part 1 (Garden)

The goose is loose! Here’s how you can harass a perfectly nice groundskeeper in the garden, in our walkthrough of Untitled Goose Game.

Our walkthrough series of Untitled Goose Game covers the game up to the end credits, and it tackles each to-do item independently. It’s recommended that you mess around with the game yourself, and only consult this guide if you’re stuck.

For more information on Untitled Goose Game, check out its official website here.

Untitled Goose Game screenshot

Start the game by honking and getting out of the bush. Follow the instructions of the tutorial so you get a hang of how to play as a goose. Once you get to the title screen, the game starts proper.

Get into the garden

To get into the garden, you need to get the groundskeeper to open the gate. The best way to do this is to do the item below, i.e. “Get the groundskeeper wet”, because then the groundskeeper will have to come turn the sprinkler’s tap off.

Get the groundskeeper wet

This one is the easiest of the bunch. Wait for the groundskeeper to be near the sprinkler, such as when he is checking on the cabbages. Then, turn on the tap connected to the sprinkler, which is on the other side of the garden wall.

Steal the groundskeeper’s keys

You can do this one whenever the groundskeeper is moving around. Walk up to the groundskeeper (avoid running) and grab the keys when you get the prompt. You don’t need to take them anywhere, so as soon as they’re in your beak, you will have completed the item.

(Note that if you steal the keys and the groundskeeper does not retrieve them, you may be locked out of the garden. You can return the keys to him through the gap in the gate.)

Make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat

Wait for the groundskeeper to bend down and work on the garden. This will put his current hat into reach, and you can snatch it right off his head. Run into the hedge to the left, past the cabbage patch and hide the hat there. Eventually, the groundskeeper will give up and decide to put on the sun hat.

Rake in the lake

The rake is located at the back of the garden. It’s very heavy, so you’ll have to drag it all the way to the lake. Take the stealthiest path possible so you don’t attract the groundskeeper’s attention, and use the zoom out button to keep an eye on where he is.

Have a picnic

  • The picnic blanket is located to the right of the screen, past the lawn mower.
  • You’ll find the carrot in the carrot field in the garden.
  • You’ll find the thermos on a table by the shed, near the back of the garden.
  • You’ll find an apple on the bench that’s near the picnic blanket. You can also find an apple on the table by the shed.
  • You’ll find the jam on the table by the shed.
  • You’ll find the pumpkin in the pumpkin patch in the garden.
  • You’ll find the sandwich on the bench near the picnic blanket. Remember that you’ll need to carry both halves the sandwich to the blanket.
  • You’ll find the radio by the gate, on top of fertilizer sacks.
  • You’ll find the basket by the bench, which is near the picnic blanket.

Make the Groundskeeper hammer his thumb

After the groundskeeper plants the “No Geese” sign by the back gate, he will try to hammer it into place. Honk right when he’s about to bring the hammer down on the signpost, and he’ll hit his thumb. If you’re too late and the signpost gets hammered down, then you can just drag the sign off and force the groundskeeper to do the whole thing again.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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