Virtual Reality Village at the GPU Tech Conference 2016

I was lucky to try out some of the VR Demos shown at the GPU Tech Conference.

Lets get started…



Bullet Train

First I had a look at Epic’s Bullet Train title made with the Unreal Engine. I recorded myself while I was playing it, but then I saw this guy and he was much more entertaining to watch.

As you can see VR speaks for itself and the ’emersion’ effect it can have on people.

I liked the UX and how you can teleport you though to other positions in the Train or (later) Train station. Mostly to grab those desired weapons like Guns, Machine Guns, Shotguns and Grenades. In Slow-Mo Mode you can also pick up incoming bullets and rockets and throw them back at your enemies. So in theory you don’t need to kick up any guns, if you are a peaceful nature.

I also had the chance to the the Oculus Touch controls the first time and I have some mixed feelings about personally it. After being spoiled by the Razor Hydra, Sixense STEM and HTC Vive Controllers, I have to say I prefer the last two.

Don’t get me wrong. I think for some people the Oculus Touch controllers will be perfect, but during playing an intense game like Bullet Train, I got some cramps in my hands,  because the pick-up buttons are actually inside the palm hand. Well maybe it is just little old me, but I just wanted to mention it, so you can try it out in Q4 and make an informed decision on the VR controller buffet.

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

After Bullet Train everything else felt kind of slow motion.

Star Wars Trials on Tatooine

I tried Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine on the HTC Vive and it was OK. I never thought I would say this, but as a big Star Wars and VR fan this demo did not knocked me of my socks. I think for people who are new to it, it might be more thrilling.

It starts slow with looking at the desert scenery of Tunisia, err I mean Tatooine.

Then you see The Millennium Falcon approaching and landing next to you.

Make sure you don’t stand Han Solo’s landing zone ;

Star Wars Light SaberThen you have to help R2-D2 and Han to repair some parts on the Falcon by pushing some buttons. A good slow start for a Palawan wannabe to get familiar with the way the controllers work.

Then the Falcon gets attacked my 2 Tie Fighters and Han shoots them both down. At this point I would love tho have helped him by doing it myself. I guess in a Room scale experience that would break the emersion, as sitting on a hair while controlling a turret like in Gunjack makes more sense. It would be interesting to experiment on that actually ILMxLABs.

Star Wars Light SaberAnyways, at the end of the experience R2-D2 finally hands my a Lightsaber to protect him from the Storm Trooper with this particular Syndrom. So I can deflect those Blaster bolts back to them as you would expect. I actually found it quite hard to hind the sweet spot to actually hit the guys with there own Blaster bolts.

It is getting better over time tough. And then the experience was over, before I got it right most of the time.

I think it was a good way to demo how story telling could work in VR, but if you want to join the Bullet (Hell) Train fitness program then you have to wait for the Oculus Touch in Q4, as it will be part oft he bundle.

Also have a look a the ILMxLAB Launch video:


This Article was written by: Richard

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