Set off on a Magnificent Dark Adventure in Within

Within is a narrative-driven adventure mobile game which tells a dark adventure fairytale like story.

The essence of the Within concept is “Storytelling and Exploration”. Nonetheless, in order not to interrupt but to support players to immerse themselves into the story. The game provides players with an almost textless design and a very simple gameplay mechanics. In such an arrangement, the game is able to lead all the attention to the delicate and fine arts in the background and leave room for imagination.

The story of Within

The story begins with the protagonist, Emma, who has awoken to a mystical world that is familiar yet strange to her. While exploring this world, she realises that the adventure she’s embarking on somehow reflects the past experiences of her own. And without even knowing it, she gradually comes to explore, confront and perceive her genuine self.

Within - Dark Eyes
Within – Dark Eyes

The team at Silver Lining Studio

The developing team behind “Within” is a newly established studio in Taiwan called, “Silver Lining Studio.”
Aiming to be the best in indie game brand, their essence is to energise people’s souls and aid them through their gloomy hours with the power of games. Like the strands of the silver-light, “Sil  ver Lining Studio” promises to be a beacon of hope guiding you to a magnificent sunrise.

Within - Darkness

Development for the game is still on-going, but you can try out the first few chapters of the Beta version on Google Play and TapTap now.

This Article was written by: Within DevTeam

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